World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Jame is My Hero!

A quick wOOt to BlizzArd for doing such good work on the starting a Death Knight section of the game. No spoilers here cause I had such a good time, I wouldn’t want to mess it up for anyone else. Just a heartfelt wOOt!

On the casual side of playing, I logged off my DK cause I didn’t have a lot of time to spend learning to play her and wanted to go to Northrend and start leveling Baila. Time IS an issue and I got impatient running around looking for stuff so went looking online to see what guides might already be out there.

I’d used Jame’s guide to level Baila up to 70 when she was stuck in her 50s so was pleased to see that there’s now a Lich King version. For the purist out there, yeah, I hear ya, but I don’t have enough time to live ya. ;p

I was surprised at how much I’m enjoying leveling again. It totally suits my playtime restrictions and, at least at the start (cuz that’s where I’m at,) BlizzArd has made what might seem old hat, FUN! Yea, I’m still killing x number of things but they’re coming fast and furious making me use all that raiding experience to solo. There’s a ton of other folk running around doing likewise and, I don’t know, it’s a hOOt. I’ve been laying MotW on just about everyone and getting buffed regularly as well. The level of compatriotism seems high too, although there’s always an assh****le lurking somewhere. So far, my experience has been – everyone helping each other out. For the Horde!


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