World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Leveling Spec for my Druid

Ever notice how everytime you bad mouth something it inevitably comes back to bite you in the butt? Ive talked trash about New Jersey drivers for so long, it wouldn’t surprise me if I end up living there one day. (Damn, got to start bad mouthing Hawaii instead ;p)

Sure enough, I’ve been bit. I’ve been trash talking Moonkins since the first (and only) time I spec’d to one. I was so excited to finally get enough talents points to spend on it. For some reason, I’d never seen one, so was SHOCKED to find out that I’d turned into a frakking OWL! What is it with Blizzard? The Druid forms were so fierce looking, until Moonkin. I lasted all of 3 days, spec’d Feral and never looked back.

To be fair, I’ve also talked about wanting to play all my possible forms. I leveled as Feral, went ToL to raid and so it seems kinda fitting that I’m wobbling around as a Moonkin in Northrend. It wasn’t really a difficult choice to make. I’ve got all that T4/T5 gear for me Tree, my Feral kit isn’t anywhere near as good. The merger of Spell Damage and +Heal into Spell Power makes for a very decent Moonkin set right out of the box, hence…Owl feathers…everywhere…=p

These are the talents I’m working with right now. Here’s a look at some of the major ones:


I’ve been a fan of Insect Swarm since back in ‘I played for 3 days’. DoT are sweet and this one makes an annoying buzzing sound that I always like to think ticks the mobs off. I keep having this picture of them swatting at the damn things as they hear that teeny voice from the original “The Fly”movie saying…”Biiite Meeee”


I haven’t actually used Typhoon yet. To be brutally honest…I forgot about it til just now. (Hey, never…almost never played this owl before. Lots of feathers in the way, new buttons to push =p) A little pricey on mana but I’ll give it a go. Knockback…good…


Did I say pricey? Hurricane costs a small fortune! Looks good for raids though, why is it in my leveling build? ReSpec! Oh wait, 81% of base mana is level 70 without additional mana from stats, so maybe not so bad after all. NOW I want Omen of Clarity. ReSpec!


Starfall – Is there anyone who doesn’t want AOE dps? Not me, gimme, want it, mine!


As you can probably tell, I haven’t got the hang of Moonkin quite yet. Perhaps more than four hours are required ;p Writing this post, however, is helping me reconsider what I’ve been doing and what I’ve been missing. Utilizing my Treants comes to mind. In general, I’ve got lots of room to utilize abilities and trinkets that I haven’t taken advantage of yet.

In the meantime, if you’re playing a Moonkin and can offer any suggestions, I’d appreciate it. If I’ve got to waddle around, I’d at least like to kick some ass! If, on the other hand/claw/whatever you’re like me and checking out this form for the first time, head over to the wiki or just dive right in with this article by Lithanials, (that’s what I’m doing.)

Oh and I was serious about ReSpecing. Looking at this build. Thoughts?


3 Responses to “Leveling Spec for my Druid”

  1. Talents: For leveling, IFF and IIS are prety weak, while Wrath of Cenarius and Master Shapeshifter are both pretty strong.

    To kill a single target, you’ve got plenty of choices that are pretty much a matter of preference:

    IS Wr*4 (or 5)
    Wr*5 (or 6)
    SF*3 (or 2)

    You can be a “Serial Killer” with

    SF (or Wr*2) MF IS

    and then move on to the next mob, while DoTs and your Thorns kill the first one.

    In a crowded area

    Starfall + Force of Nature + Barkskin + Hurricane

    is really amazing (even more so if you spec Gale Winds).

    Have fun.

  2. Thanks for the help Erdluf, I’ll give it a go!

  3. looking at the spec you are using currently i would suggest moving the point in natures splendor as nothing should last long enough for your DoT’s to tick out, its point could be put in wrath of cenarius for that extra damage for wrath/starfire, the same could be said for imp moonfire, those points i would suggest putting in furor in the resto tree for 4% increased int (really useful as mp5 and spellpower and mana), those are just some things that i found from leveling my boomkin 🙂 i miss talking with you on shattered hand 😦

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