World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

The Good, The Bad, The MaMa

It’s the Lich King’s fault! Really, it is…mostly =p

Wrath came out and it doesn’t run well on my iBook. Blizzard said it wouldn’t. I got a pretty good connection running my lower level alts at a lower resolution rate, so I’m not complaining…much. But I want to play Baila (renamed ChibaC via Character Transfer.) She’s my main, I leveled her to 70, she deserves to go to 80, I love playing a druid…these are all good reasons (excuses) to put WoW on my daughter’s (she got it this summer for doing well in school) MacBook, which runs Wrath just fine thank you.

Trouble is, she’s a teenager, she likes to be on her computer and that means I don’t get to play in Northrend much. I’m not gonna just sit around tapping my foot waiting so I started another Hunter alt (you already heard) and it’s all good.

This Saturday an old idea hit me and before I thought about it too much I asked her if she was interested in playing WoW with me. Her eyes did a sparkle thing (I kid u not) and her smile alone was worth the wait (2 years since we first started playing.) Turns out she stopped playing cause doing some of the quests scared her; creepy music, thingys attacking you suddenly. Playing with me takes that out of it wOOt!

She’s playing a Priest, I’m a Warlock and I almost feel guilty about how easy it is for us to quest. Things die SO quickly. We’re just about to ding 20 and we can’t wait for maintenance to be done. Oh, and in case you’re wondering – by mutual accord, this is a vacation thing only. It’s still not Northrend but it is me and my baby – kickin’ ass!


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