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Blizzard GM Supports Bank Ninja

June 10, 2008

Always seems that stuff like this – getting your Guild Bank ninja’d – happens to some other guild cause it’s DRAMA and that’s from the Guilds you read about in Insider. But no, sometimes it’s your very own drama, from your very own Guild. Yup, that’s my WoWLife, welcome to it ;p OK, I’m gonna […]

Raiding for the NooB

May 13, 2008

wOOt! Hot Diggity Dam I’m having a good time! After all the drama, all the fuss and muss, things are working out. I’m alittle overwhelmed by how quickly this has all happened but I’m enjoying (almost) every minute of it. The newly formed guild of which I am now a part and composed primarily of […]

Guild Pain

April 30, 2008

For some reason, I thought there wasn’t any drama going on in my guild. Call me clueless if ya want cause that’s what I’m calling myself. I’m not gonna go into details cause…I don’t know…dirty laundry…public…it’s not my thing. Suffice it to say my guild split last night. It was ugly. Mostly because those who […]

Gruul Post Mortem

April 26, 2008

Forgot to say what I learned from the frustration of dying too many times in the CAVE INs! This is pissing me off just thinking about it but gotta get clear – OF THE CAVE INs! arG! Told you I was getting pissed. /taking a moment There…What did I learn from Gruul: Change to Bear […]

Remember Your First Time?

March 26, 2008

Life and WoW both like to surprise me…when I least expect it. Isn’t that how it happens time after time? I was just gonna pop in and fix any addons that needed attention, cause you know how it is…patch day, they break. I knew the odds of picking up my 3rd frag were bad cause […]

Gotta Guild!

December 17, 2007

It was indeed a ‘Happy Winter’s Veil’ for me today. I was back to Area 52 to repair my armor and waiting for a group to tackle the next Netherwing quest when I got a tell from an ex-guildie friend. Hadn’t seen her in forever. She says hello, what’s up, what u doin? you looking […]

2b or not 2b…

October 15, 2007

in a new guild with my old guildmates. Ok, you don’t know me very well, or at all really, so you’ll have to take my word for it – drama follows me everywhere. I subsist on drama. If it wasn’t in my life, I’d have to create it. Oh wait! That’s what I do! Recently, […]