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A Tree Sprouts in…

March 18, 2008

It’s been almost a week since I spec’d Resto. A few things have become evident since I started. Things that I’m sure are old hat to seasoned players but hey, it’s all new to me ;p For starters, no more QQng about not being able to see. Want to get into the habit of looking […]

Baby Steps

March 17, 2008

Started with a little one today, a wee bairn ;p A guildie wanted to run Auchenai Crypts for a trinket. I warned the group that I was a noob healer (small lie, healed before but not in recent memory!) and so some patience would be required. Wasn’t a bad pug at all. Made up of […]

Blog Tuesdays: RestoMama

March 11, 2008

Not really. Well, kinda. I was cheering my guild on the other day while they were waiting for everyone to show for a Kara run. Seems like one of the healers was missing and they were looking on guild chat for a replacement. The GM whispered to me asking what spec I was. Told him […]