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Hunting for Pets

November 11, 2008

Yea, I’m just like the rest of em, playing an alt until things get juicy again. Well, not exactly juicy. Most folks are farting around waiting for Wrath to come out, me – I’m just doing whatever I can that won’t drive me crazy every time I disconnect. For the most part, it’s working, I’m […]

lowbie hunter info

February 5, 2008

If nothing else, Blog Tuesdays is gonna get me to sit at the keyboard once a week ;p Just got back from a weekend of low-tech and getting sick. Glad that, for once, I wasn’t sick during my day off! Took it easy at work Monday instead but no WoW. No WoW, no clue what […]

Way Too Much FUN!

January 18, 2008

It’s alittle embarassing…I’m having a great time leveling up my new rp Hunter. I can’t seem to get my tush back to my regular realm. I had to get a new piggy. Bonar was…I hate to say it…just too damn ugly! I couldn’t keep lookin at him. I know, I was being superficial. Tough. ;p […]

RolePlay Anyone?

January 11, 2008

I finally took the plunge and rolled on a RP server. I’ve been wanting to for awhile. I mean, I’m an actor…why wouldn’t I want to try this? For a couple of reasons actually. The idea of RP seems a bit…hokey?…corny?…what’s the word…I don’t know…silly? Yeah. Maybe all of it. But it also seems like […]