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Blog Tuesdays

April 29, 2008

Don’t you just hate it when you go to log into WoW and discover that it’s Tuesday? I mean, I knew it was Tuesday, that’s not a surprise and if I thought about it I’d rememberr that it’s Maintenance Day as well but I guess I just don’t like to think about it cause time […]

A Tree Sprouts in…

March 18, 2008

It’s been almost a week since I spec’d Resto. A few things have become evident since I started. Things that I’m sure are old hat to seasoned players but hey, it’s all new to me ;p For starters, no more QQng about not being able to see. Want to get into the habit of looking […]

jaw hanging open / flies buzzing in

November 18, 2007

i’m still abashed, agog, flat on my ass in disbelief. girl meets wow has rocked my world! just found out i can change my bags without emptying them!

The Road to 70

November 16, 2007

Ok, this one’s for FealHeal who came looking for some posts around here these past few weeks to no avail. Sorry bout that Gizz. As for me, finally got to 69! (Sorry, had to say it.) So I’m feeling alittle better about reaching 70 sometime before the century is up. Playtime has still been limited […]

A Hallow’s Eve Treat for PUGs

October 31, 2007

Synchronicity is an incredible thing. Here we were, talking about PUGs and the unpleasantries that often arise when along comes Kestrel’s Ten Commandments for Casual Groups. Such timeliness. Such good advice. I particularly like Galo’s addition in the comments reminding us that if you’re the one to break CC then you should be responsible for […]

Outland +Healing Gear Before 64

October 30, 2007

Gillr of Stormrage’s Dreaming posted a great gear list for those looking for +healing gear before 64. I’m linking you to it cause I was always looking for this kind of info when I was leveling around there and could never find diddlyswat. (yeah, that’s a word ;p) I saw gear lists, don’t get me […]

What tanking shortage, where?

October 29, 2007

That’s what Galo of Ardent Defender is shouting in his post There Is No Tanking Shortage! I’m gonna fess up, I was shoutin too after reading it cause he is so frakin right! (yea, yea, got that from BSG) There are plenty of tanks and healers but who wants to put up with a pug? […]

The Evolution of Healing

October 28, 2007

To be a Tree: The Evolution of Healing is a great post I found via Resto4Life. In case you weren’t clear about lifebloom and you ;p

arena druid guide

October 28, 2007

Nope, not mine. I’m not anywhere near playing arena yet although 70 isn’t too far off =) Interestingly, the place where multi seems to already have a spot is arena. Here’s a good read for all those, who like me, are interested in one day acquiring some o that phat arena gear. (As well as […]

dumping aggro

October 23, 2007

Just bumped into a wonderful blog Natural Perfection and was reading an informative disussion about Tranquility (one of my fav heals.) The article started with a statement that druids, outside of trinkets, don’t have an aggro dump. I thought, wait a minute, yea we do, it just sucks and is time consuming to get to. […]