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The Good, The Bad, The MaMa

November 25, 2008

It’s the Lich King’s fault! Really, it is…mostly =p Wrath came out and it doesn’t run well on my iBook. Blizzard said it wouldn’t. I got a pretty good connection running my lower level alts at a lower resolution rate, so I’m not complaining…much. But I want to play Baila (renamed ChibaC via Character Transfer.) […]


December 11, 2007

MOOms…it’s a Tauren word… It often feels alittle weird being a MoM, playing WoW. Kinda upside down aint it? Aren’t I supposed to be chasing my kid off the computer, worrying about whether she’s spending enough time off-line, being concerned about what appears to be an inordinate amount of time spent in-game? Because adults, especially […]