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Baby Steps

March 17, 2008

Started with a little one today, a wee bairn ;p A guildie wanted to run Auchenai Crypts for a trinket. I warned the group that I was a noob healer (small lie, healed before but not in recent memory!) and so some patience would be required. Wasn’t a bad pug at all. Made up of […]

SlapDown in SLab

February 9, 2008

I really must learn to do my homework nomatter what. Just because I’m not necessarily running with my guild (did I just say pug?) doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have done my reading. Truth is, I was just so damn happy to be back on this bruisin’ bovine AND with time to run an instance. […]

A Hallow’s Eve Treat for PUGs

October 31, 2007

Synchronicity is an incredible thing. Here we were, talking about PUGs and the unpleasantries that often arise when along comes Kestrel’s Ten Commandments for Casual Groups. Such timeliness. Such good advice. I particularly like Galo’s addition in the comments reminding us that if you’re the one to break CC then you should be responsible for […]