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Jan’Alai and His Hairy Butt

June 5, 2008

You can guess whether or not we downed him last night from the title, can’t you? =p We would’ve, we could’ve damn it but we spent most of our time getting to him. There’s ANOTHER Gauntlet >< This one comes with Scouts, big trolly lookouts who bang drums and call for 2 lvl70 ELITE Reinforcements! […]

Healing in Zul’Aman

June 4, 2008

In the wonderful whirlwind that has become my gaming life in WoW, I continue to experience the challenges faced by those of us who chose to raid. It’s funny, at first I thought it would all be about the raid, learning the fights and executing well and it is but it’s also very much about […]

Raiding for the NooB

May 13, 2008

wOOt! Hot Diggity Dam I’m having a good time! After all the drama, all the fuss and muss, things are working out. I’m alittle overwhelmed by how quickly this has all happened but I’m enjoying (almost) every minute of it. The newly formed guild of which I am now a part and composed primarily of […]

An Embarrassment of Riches

April 15, 2008

Yea, that’s me…embarrassed…rich…cause last Sunday I was in Kara and all kinds of lewt dropped! Right into my ‘still in a bunch of greens’ lap. wOOt! Where to start…well, since last I typed (sorry, busy, warned ya) my guild took me into Kara cause, you know, after that Gruul raid everyone was pretty clear that […]

Still Tinkering

March 28, 2008

I can tell this is going to cost me some gold but I don’t care…I’m not happy with my build yet. This is what I’ve been using – a 1/14/46 build. It isn’t doing it for me in terms of killing anything when grinding/questing. I thought I’d get some kitty love out of it but […]

Build Tinkering

March 19, 2008

I’ve been piddling around with the talent calculator and doing my best to figure out which talents are going to best suit what I want to do, what I’ll need to do and what any druid worth her own…fur ball, should be able to do. Here’s what I’m thinking of doing: 1/14/46 Take a look. […]

Not So Cute Really

March 19, 2008

From a distance I’ve always thought that ToL was kinda cute. You know, funny looking, good dancer, makes the song lyrics, “Come on Baby, do the Twist” get stuck in my head, can HoT like …like…nobody else in the game. But last night I took a closer look. I’m gonna go ahead and just say […]

The Evolution of Healing

October 28, 2007

To be a Tree: The Evolution of Healing is a great post I found via Resto4Life. In case you weren’t clear about lifebloom and you ;p