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Leveling Spec for my Druid

November 18, 2008

Ever notice how everytime you bad mouth something it inevitably comes back to bite you in the butt? Ive talked trash about New Jersey drivers for so long, it wouldn’t surprise me if I end up living there one day. (Damn, got to start bad mouthing Hawaii instead ;p) Sure enough, I’ve been bit. I’ve […]

Still Tinkering

March 28, 2008

I can tell this is going to cost me some gold but I don’t care…I’m not happy with my build yet. This is what I’ve been using – a 1/14/46 build. It isn’t doing it for me in terms of killing anything when grinding/questing. I thought I’d get some kitty love out of it but […]

Build Tinkering

March 19, 2008

I’ve been piddling around with the talent calculator and doing my best to figure out which talents are going to best suit what I want to do, what I’ll need to do and what any druid worth her own…fur ball, should be able to do. Here’s what I’m thinking of doing: 1/14/46 Take a look. […]