World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

What tanking shortage, where?

That’s what Galo of Ardent Defender is shouting in his post There Is No Tanking Shortage!

I’m gonna fess up, I was shoutin too after reading it cause he is so frakin right! (yea, yea, got that from BSG) There are plenty of tanks and healers but who wants to put up with a pug? I know I don’t. Dag, part of the reason I’m still at 68 is because I’m not running dungeons with pugs. 3 or 4 runs and I could level. However, dealing with all that ‘humans NOT working well in a group’ crap sucks.

Cause for me, the grouping element of the game is actually the one I enjoy the most. Hey, it’s what humans do best – we work well together in groups. It’s what got us to the tasty top of the food chain. Playing WoW definitely lets me get that feral wolf pack thing out of my system. I get a real sense of pleasure when the group dynamics are working and people are taking care of bizness together. (That’s tcb for the older crowd ;p) Everyone gets inspired and does the right thing just at the right time…purrrr…

So when those interactions are off and negative and stressful, uh uh, it’s not how I want to spend my time. It just ain’t FUN and, sorry, I likes me fun =)

Thanks Galo for helping me remember that.


6 Responses to “What tanking shortage, where?”

  1. Thank you baila I still haven’t been in Karazhan yet but i’m power lvling my tailoring skills right now for the primal mooncloth set… was at 235 when i logged… and i’m at 345 right now.. and a few hundred gold poorer 😦

  2. Actually I’ve really found that PUGs in the Outlands are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-aaaaay better than pre-Outlands. Less abuse, less idioticy, less CC breaking, less sniping, more teamwork out of complete strangers.

    Of course, I’m only seeing this as a DPS character, not as a tank or a healer, but I’m quite impressed with the stark difference between, say, a party going into Scarlet Monestary and one going into Ramparts.

    That being said I’m still too chicken to bring my tank out for general play, and my healer’s lvl 36…

    WoWGrrl’s tips and tricks

  3. @Smith How long did it take u to go 235 to 345? I’m leveling LW on an alt cause I gotsa have the Clefthoof set =)

    @Valdesta LOL, yea, I’ve been chicken too with my tank. If I don’t know the instance I really don’t want to run it for the first time as tank. Would much prefer to heal an unknown. Although, I’ve been focusing on tank gear since Outlands so my healing hear isn’t up to snuff. Arg!

  4. i lvled from 235 to 345 in about 4 hours… only costed about a bazillion gold and i’m lvl 363 now and have made my first piece of the primal mooncloth set. http://thottbot.com/i21873

  5. hey Baila if ur looking to gear up ur druid as a tank get a hold of one of these http://thottbot.com/i31186 its about 60g in the AH 2 servers i have toons on. its a good investment

  6. hey Smith! thanks for the gear tip. Will check it out.

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